The North Shore Veterans Council was formed in 1948 by various Veteran Service Organizations from the North Shore to support the annual Remembrance Day Parade on November 11 each year at Victoria Park in North Vancouver.

In 2001, the North Shore Veterans Council (NSVC) saw the need for expansion.  The Council opened its doors for other Veteran Associations to apply for membership. The Council received and accepted applications that included 6 Field Engineer Squadron (6FES), the RCMP Air Crew Association and the Peace Officers Memorial Ribbon Society.

    The Council proudly accepted an application from The First Nations Veterans’ Association that has some of the oldest & most highly decorated veterans on the North Shore.

The Council also includes members of the

  • Army, Navy and Airforce Veterans in Canada (Unit 45)

  • Royal Canadian Legion (Branch 118)

  • Army Chaplain’s Association

  • Merchant Marine Association

  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police Veterans’ Association

  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Active)


With all of the extra additions to its Membership, The Council changed its name from the North Shore Veterans’ Council to become the North Shore Veterans’ Council Canada (NSVCC) which is registered in Victoria & Ottawa on its way to becoming a Society, attaining its own Blazer Badge with the Motto which reads: “Semper Pro Officium” which means “Always on Duty”., living up to their Motto ensuring that the NSVCC are always available to assist every veteran whenever and for whatever the need may be, through their newly appointed full-time Service Officer.

The NSVCC has come a long way since it was formed in 1948; its Delegates are a dedicated group of people who volunteer their time, with the support of several sponsors within the community including the full support and assistance from the Mayor’s of the City and the District of North Vancouver office and Veterans Affairs Canada, they strive to keep the memory alive of those who by their valour made the ultimate sacrifice.

The annual Remembrance Day Parade and Ceremony has been held at the Cenotaph in North Vancouver since 1948. The ceremony not only honours those who fought in previous conflicts but serves to inform and remind the younger members of the community, and the media, that the Peace and Freedoms that all Canadians continue to enjoy today came at a high cost to others.

The NSVCC continues to seek out new ideas on how to improve the Council to better the veterans by seeking support for our veterans and veterans' programs, to have the strength of an organization that represents all the Veteran's Associations/Organizations on the North Shore along with any other communities who may our need assistance.